Customised NLP Training

Often corporate and other organisations are looking for just those features of NLP that can give them the leading edge in customer service, sales communication and areas such as company/employee values alignment, goal-setting and achievement, team-building and coaching.

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Hyponosis: Ericksonian and Traditional

A three-day professional and personal development training.

Covering many aspects of traditional and Ericksonian hypnosis, this training is designed to be of use both for novices to the world of hypnosis, and those people who are wanting to apply more hypnotic techniques, processes and principles to their living, personally and professionally.

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Life Purpose

Perhaps the most profoundly accurate acknowledgement you’ll ever receive …

Based on many years of experience as a transformational teacher and counsellor, Mahni uniquely uses the ancient art and science of astrology in a new paradigm to reveal purpose and meaning in life.

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