A three-day seminar with Mahni Dugan

Usually we think of identity as being who we are.

More accurately, perhaps, it may be defined as who we are currently being.

Beyond Identity is that expanded sense of self that chooses identity in the first place. This seminar provides an environment that facilitates experiencing the ‘I am’ beyond identity.  A profoundly impactful exploration of multi- dimensional self, it opens a way to choose identity freshly, now.

Although no specific training is required to attend this unique seminar, participation at this advanced level requires an attitude of responsibility as well as curiosity

If you’re tired of waiting for new choices to manifest, if what you know and the tools you’ve been using aren’t producing the results, it might be because it is time to change the context.

Many people accept the notion ‘I create the whole of my own reality’ yet still experience much of life happening to them. The universe always agrees with our choices, so the question is not how to get it to agree ~ it already does. The question, rather, is which ‘I am’ do I need to be when I’m choosing?

What we experience and what we have is congruent with the ‘I am’ we hold ourselves to be. No matter how much we learn and grow, or what techniques we use, all we can be effective in changing is what fits that context, unless we change the identity itself.

Identity is a choice!

Beyond Identity unlocks the potency of that expanded sense of self that chooses identity in the first place. Back when you chose the identity you have been, you made the best choice available. But now, that old identity can seem like too small a channel for who you are, too narrow a conduit for your purpose to be expressed.

Given all we have learned, we can choose again now.

The keys are available ~ Beyond Identity.


Fees vary depending on location – Hobart, other cities in Australia, or internationally.  Contact us for details in your location now.