With Mahni Dugan

Perhaps the most profoundly accurate acknowledgement you’ll ever receive …

Based on many years of experience as a transformational teacher and counsellor, Mahni uniquely uses the ancient art and science of astrology in a new paradigm to reveal purpose and meaning in life.

Life Purpose Astrology supports people in recovering awareness of their natural capabilities, and recognising their integrity and value.  It is validating, enlightening, and powerfully lights the way for each person on their own path.

A Life Purpose Reading provides useful ways to understand how you experience yourself and others.  It helps you to see how best to use the challenges you experience, how to access and fulfil your potential, and make the changes you desire.

As a predictive tool, Life Purpose Astrology shows when different energies, which may be expressed as events, are more accessible to you, and gives the timing of the unfolding of your potential and purpose.

Ordinary natal astrology, based on the time of birth, gives information about personality, character, experience and, your path in life can often be deduced from it, at least in general terms.

Life Purpose Astrology is based on the time of your commitment to life.  This chart identifies the purpose of that choice and shows how to fulfil it. It reveals what may need to be experienced, learned and done to actualise your potential.  Effectively, you get to be more in charge of the quality of your life.

Readings can be done face-to-face, by Skype, or mailed to you.  A Life Purpose Astrology Reading takes from two to three hours and all readings are recorded.


Your name, date and place of birth.

You don’t need to know your time of birth.


A recording (cd) of your personal reading, a copy of your chart and printed information ~ the recording allows you to use the reading as a significant resource for many years to come.


The fee for this reading in Australia is $770 AUD, including gst.

International fees are available on request.