A one-day seminar with Geoff and Mahni Dugan

Your values are …

What’s most important to you

What motivates you

What inspires you

What drives you

What causes your outcomes

Most people are relatively unaware of what their core values are. To identify those values is to discover the key to creating the outcomes and experience you choose. Values provide the leverage for change, the power to break through old limitations and achieve success.

When you are aware of your highest values, you are able to fulfil them more easily ~ to achieve what matters to you most ~ and everything starts to line up to make sure that your experience has the quality that is important to you.

The Power of Your Values makes it easy to access your values and learn how to use them. It is an opportunity to give yourself a personal breakthrough to greatly increased satisfaction and value fulfilment.

It promotes understanding and respect of your own and others values so that conflict disappears and harmony results. It profoundly enhances your sense of personal value and self-esteem. It is a stimulating, powerful way to increase your effectiveness and have fun doing it.

Topics include:

  • How to recognise, elicit and fulfil values
  • How to use values to motivate yourself and others
  • The difference between values and goals and how to harness values

to fulfil goals

  • How to ensure personal satisfaction
  • Effective negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Combining values and time line to add resources and create your future

Personally and professionally, this seminar offers information and techniques that are proving to be of extraordinary impact in all areas of human concern.

Alignment of values promotes and accelerates results in businesses, corporations, community and government.

In therapy, counselling and training, the inclusion of work with values reduces the time taken to achieve desired outcomes, ensures that changes are aligned with what is most important to the client and supports people in maintaining those results.

Researched and extensively tested by Geoff and Mahni Dugan, The Power of Your Values puts you at the leading edge in using this technology.


Fees vary depending on location – Hobart, other cities in Australia, or internationally.  Contact us for details in your location now.