About Customised NLP Training:

Train the Trainer

On behalf of myself and my twelve managers, thank you both for a week of hard work, fun, change, challenge, growth in our own awareness, and some serious team building.

You have been responsible for a quantum shift in the skill levels of the managers and have left them with a real sense of purpose and direction nothing short of a miracle, given that it was all done in just five days.

Further, I was impressed with the depth of the pre-course preparation that ensured that the needs of the individuals and the group as a whole were well and truly met.  The processes that you used coupled with your skills as trainers ensured that the maximum shifts in awareness and skill levels were achieved.

I have no hesitation in recommending this course or you as skilled individuals to any company or organisation looking for some real training that has total relevance to the business world.

Russell Ryan, Manager ~ Training & Development, Yellow Pages Australia.